Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Book series...

Prior to the purchase of my nook, I had only attempted to read a few series.  Books like Diana Gabaldon (Outlander Series) and Anne Rice (Vampire Series) were really the only series that I had read.  I liked them but if they were older series it was very hard to find copies of whatever book I was going to read next.  At the time of my nook purchase I had just finished reading the second book in a series called Blades of the Rose by Zoe Archer.  I had to read the second book first because the first book was not available at the store.  And although most of these series are those stand alone types,  it's not always necessary to read them in order.  However,  I find that many times there are aspects of the sequels that are more thoroughly explained in the first book.

Anyway, upon purchasing my nook I found a book bundle that contained all four books in the series for the price of two of the paperback!!!  Excellent!  Now I had four new books to read and I never had to leave the comfort of my home.  Again, excellent.  So this is how I got hooked on book series.  Many of the posts that will follow will about the many great series that I have read.

The Zoe Archer series was my first step into the supernatural/magical romance world.  Although I had read the Anne Rice Vampire books they were more a story of friendship, betrayal and survival as opposed to true romance.

I have to say after I finished this series I was hooked!  The Blades of the Rose series is set in Victorian England as well as other far off places.  It incorporates both archeology and magic.  Giving it that Indiana Jones meets Harry Potter feel.  The men in the books are rugged and battle scarred.  But they are protective and gentle.  I told my husband he needed to read the books to get a better understanding of what was getting me all hot and bothered after reading.  It was a vain attempt at getting him to act more like the heros.  I've realized now that this is not a truly realistic expectation... as we are rarely set upon by pirates and and we don't go looking for magically enhanced objects in order to save the world.  But he tried and that counts.

So yes the romance and intrigue were exciting and the women were tough but gentle.  Of course most of them were virgins... what with it being Victorian England and all.  But the sex?  HOT!  Although not the first book I've read with good sex in it, the banter between the characters (something I've always loved about a book) certainly set my blood tingling.  I have a real problem with books that have dialogue that is choppy and lacks the ability to sound like something people would actually say.  Too rigid grammar during dialogue frustrates me.  If the character is saying she doesn't think he should touch her there... it shouldn't be written as "I do not think it is such a good idea for you to put your hands there"... it should come out more like "I don't think it's such a good idea for you to put your hand there"... unless there is some reason like English isn't their first language, they're properly English, or their robots (which I have to say I'm not all that interested in Robot sex although it is out there)... dialogue should read that way it would sound coming out of a person's mouth.

But anyway, I digress.  The dialogue is excellent and the adventure and danger just heightens the excitement and sexual tension between the characters.  If you're looking for a great read that is full of sexy men, high adventure and a touch of magic the first book in the series is Warrior.

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