Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Lions, and Tigers, and Werewolves... oh my

So I've been reading a lot of werewolf, or were-anything books over the last year and it's amazing each author's perspective in regards to these creatures.  As stated before in my previous blog, Sherilyn Kenyon has a very interesting spin on where these creatures came from.  Magic of course and oh you can't catch it or "become" a werewolf (were-tiger, were-bear, were-hawk, and yes even a were-dragon).  The only thing that all of these authors share is the over the top incredible sexiness of being a were-anything (yes even bears).

I think this is why I find this genre so fascinating.  It's safe.  I don't need to worry that I'm comparing my husband to the characters in the book or looking for these characters in people I see on the street.  Now don't get me wrong, some of the personalities and alpha-ness I'd like my husband to demonstrate occasionally (and he has ... occasionally) but the possibility of actually meeting them or someone like them in person is non-existent.  They simply don't exist so their safe to fantasize about.

I have a list of five guys that if I actually could meet them in person and by some alignment of the planets get a chance to bed one of them, Jim would have to give me a pass.  I'm sure everyone has seen that Friends episode with Isabella Rosselini.  Well my list changes frequently as my tastes change so Jim has informed me that I have to have the list approved in writing before it's valid.  Where am I going with this you may ask?  Well ... over the last year my list has had maybe three actual living human beings (Joe Manganiello is always on the list) but the others I frequently list are nothing but fictional characters.  Here is a small history of this list over the last year:

  • Joe Manganiello (human - known for Trueblood)
  • Francois Arnaud (human - known for Cesare Borgia)
  • Vane Kattalakis
  • Vishous (not a were but still fictional)
  • Any of the guys from the Nicky Charles Wolf Series - There are four of them (this is a free e-series and she's an excellent author that I never would have found without my Nook)
  • Acheron (again not a were but still drool worthy)

So you see I tend to stick with the fictional characters.  Probably because if I actually met the two humans on the list I'd have a brain fart of epic proportions and then ruin my one planet aligning chance.  At least when I meet the other guys in my head I'm cool and collected and of course say all the right things and never look like a complete loser.

Why do I write this?  Probably to give my wonderful husband some much needed reassurance that he's really the only "real" man that I want or need.  Everyone else is just "fluff".. []

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  1. Great hobby! I really love to read novel books too. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us!


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