Monday, July 2, 2012

Free books can be awesome

Being broke most of the time but still needing to feed my nook addiction I often put in the search for "free romance" and have found MANY free books that I would never have found in a store!  Some times you get what you pay for but other times you find some really great gems.  Many times the free books are short and full of typos but hey they're free so you just delete those and move on to others.  I was really lucky with my first free books.  Here's a run down of the Werewolf Series by Nicky Charles.

I found Nicky Charles when looking for free nook books.  The first book in the series I found was The Mating.  Naturally it sounded rather erotic so I thought let's give it a try.  You know it's gonna be a hot and steamy book when there is hot and steamy werewolf sex within the first chapter!  The premise is that two packs make an alliance and the daughter of one pack leader is betrothed to the alpha of another pack.  Naturally the daughter doesn't want this responsibility and is afraid of what this alpha will be like.  That is of course until she meets him.  Yep, you guessed it he's tall, hot, ripped and knows how to use his animal instincts in some very creative ways.  Although at first glance you think "oh my God this is nothing but sex"  (which I wasn't complaining about) but if you keep reading you get a much  more in depth story that is full of pack threats, politics and great shifting action.

You also meet the other members of the pack and like I've said before I love this in a series.  It's what makes you want to continue on with the other books.  Getting caught up in the stories of the other characters is really what drives a series.  I like the 50 Shades Series and I absolutely loved most of the Outlander Series but these all focused on two main characters and after awhile I kinda get bored and need some fresh meat to sink my teeth into.  Anyway, the other wolves in the pack are also gorgeous (have yet to actually ever meet a werewolf that isn't, but maybe I'm just blinded by Trueblood's Alcide and Twilight's Sam and Jacob).

The cool think about Nicky Charles is that all she asks for in return for downloading her books is that you make a donation to your local Humane Society.  She wants to keep her books free.  Unlike some other writers who get you hooked on a series with the first book free and then charge for the others, she likes that her books are free and plans to keep them this way.  It also helps that she's an excellent writer.  I highly recommend downloading her books.  If you like a good steamy werewolf story (and Trueblood is on hiatus) this is definitely the way to go if you're budgetly impaired.

But don't stop there.  There are a lot of other books that I have found that are good for a quickie (pun intended) or for a full blown romance.  Most recently I've read a really hot and sexy book about a firefighter (In Too Deep by Kathryn Shay).    

I will warn you that there have been many duds that I've found as well but they are worth the gems that I have read.  So the next time you're looking for some cheap and great reads check out the ones mentioned in in this blog.  If you have some suggestions of good free reads feel free to leave them in the comments section.  From one addict to another... happy reading.

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